Saturday, January 22, 2011


This photo made me think of a lot of things... Now it's your turn to think about it. Think about your relationships, think about your friendships, think about your responsibilities, your exams, your lessons. When was the last time you did something for the first time for all of these. For example; your ex-bf/gf, why did you always expected things from him/her instead of doing something yourself at first, maybe that would give them courage to do something, maybe he just didn't do it because YOU didn't do it. Or your exams, maybe you got a lower grade than you expected from geometry then why didn't you try working for it? when was the last time you ever did something for the first time about your lessons and your exams. Just think about it and start making changes today. -w.o.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anyone who'd get me ? :)
hey guys ı've prepared a "must read list" for you :)
here it is:)

1-All Of The Harry Potter Books - JK Rowling
2-And There Were None - Agatha Christie (and all of her books)
3-The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
4-House of Night series (if you like fantasy novels)
5-The Devil Wears Prada
6-Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
7-Pretty Little Liars
that's all for now ! peace out:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

ı know ı promised to write, ı know that ı said ı am back but ı don't know. things are rough on me lately. maybe ı should keep writing because back then this blog kept me moving and now ı don't do anything on web other than facebook and twitter. oh and formspring! which is kinda fun when you get asked questions by anonymous people but ı don't get that much of questions. ı know this post is kinda lame but ı just write my thoughts. ı mean ı'm so not in the mood to write some fun things right now. and ı know that ı should keep people happy and full of art by this blog but again ı'm so not in the mood. well ı got myself a new notebook a classic moleskine you now... don't know why ı am just in love with those notebooks. now ı keep writing in it rather than this blog. it's kind of a journal actually. not a diary but ı don't know... ı am so confused these days. but that notebook knows everything and ı feel kinda relieved when ı write in it. did you ever feel so lonely that you just wanted to cry? did you ever felt like there's nothing to do or did you ever felt like you can't count on the person you most trusted on the whole world? cause that's how ı feel right now. these 3 combined. ı now this post is really depressive and stuff but ı just wanted to let you guys know why ı don't keep writing. ciao ! oh and check the photo. a drawing that is made by a friend of mine. ı posted this because ı am kinda addicted to the song playground love lately. isn't the picture totally cool? she is awesome:)