Monday, May 31, 2010

this is going to be a busy week for me so ı won't be able to post anyting by saturday ı think ı am not sure. ı can surprise you! so ı got some photos of my dream room. the kind of room ı want to have. mine isn't even close to them but ı am hoping someday it will be. have fun...

I know they are not even similar. each one is different but what can ı say they attract me... love the one with the tree.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

fashion is my passion

rhyme. ı love rhymes, ı love fashion.

Friday, May 28, 2010

girls night "in"

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ı had an exam today. ı took the exam and got back home right away. ı was kinda ill. not much to talk about. how 'bout some photos ? xx

I like this one a lot. what do you think ?

Monday, May 24, 2010

summer's on it's way

hey guys,
summer is coming to us as fast as it can. hope it comes soon. ı love summer. we're all free to do anything we want to ! not dreaming but making our dreams come true. we started to make plans about summer already. the sun shining on our skin, no need to worry about, exams, lessons or stuff. time is all ours to spend it as the way we want to. my dream is to spend my whole time with my friends. as ı said sun shining on our skin, just lying on the sand, sunbathing... ı miss summer. ı miss the big blue sky. ı miss my friends. ı miss being free. ı miss the sounds of waves. ı miss the time ı spend with my friends. ı am bored of studying or just sitting infront of my laptop. ı am bored of the tv sounds ı keep hearing. ı miss the silence. just the sun, the big blue sky and me lying on the sand with my ıpod and my book. ı wouldn't be able to understand how time passed. wish to spend a day like that. hope summer comes as fast as it can... by the way ı got a formspring account. and ı'll go to a summer camp in england with a friend of mine! xoxo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

yesterday was also national holiday. and once again my dream of *spending the whole day in my bed* was gone but because of a better idea. my cousin called and ı left everything behind me and ı went to his house for a cousins reunion. 4 cousins together we ordered pizza, watched a movie and then just left the house walked down the beach, took some photos. ıt was a great day. today was a boring day. Full of school... This week is the last week for my exams. Unfortunately it's a week full of exams but ı think ı can handle it. Study camp is starting for me. Don't worry if ı don't post something. when this week ends ı am all yours! ı am thinking of getting a formspring account. what do you think?

check out "" that's where ı took the photos from.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to do just about everything

hey everyone,
ı found a book in my library which is supposed to be a huge bookcase. it's called "how to do just about everything" and ı looked at it to see what's in it. and really it is great. it has everything from a to z. there are recipes and things about computers, gardening, even planning a teenage sleepover or teaching a teenager to drive. boy, what else do you need when you have this book ! hehe but ı think this book would help everyone a lot. ı am planning on preparing myself some pasta today from a recipe ı found in this book. ı am not able to spend my whole day in bed but ı gotta feeling that today's gonna be a really good day. so instead of spending my whole day in my bed watching movies and surfing on the net ı'll have fun in the kitchen and eat a delicious pasta. hope you have a great day! -w.o.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

heey ı know that ı haven't been writing for months but ı started to continue...
not many things had changed since ı last wrote. but here's what changed ı really started to take photos and ı think ı am successful...
ı don't have a lot to write but ı have 5 exams next week which means ı have one exam for each school day. tomorrow and thursday is national holiday which makes me start to think about what ı am going to do.. maybe just lie in my bed the whole day. which is probably impossible cause my tutor will come tomorrow. which breaks down all my plans for tomorrow. maybe thursday a friend of mine will come over. ı will post you some photos ! xoxo