Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am supposed to do my homework now but instead of that ı prefer writing a new post. It's 3:30 but the only homework ı have started is maths and ı haven't even finished it yet. ı need to do my project on literature, finish my maths homework, organize my science file, go to the photo shop and take my photos, take a shower, watch my favorite show and get some sleep. the hardest one is actually organizing my file because ı don't have a file yet ! I am not kind of an organized person and ı am not planning to be one in the future. that's how ı live and it's easier for me but instead of all these stuff today ı went to my friend Eylül's house. She has a tutor which ı also took lessons from him back then. I knew he was tutoring her so ı surprised them by going and ı realised how much ı missed him. he was more than a tutor, he was the best. he was so funny that ı was laughing 'til ı cry in the lessons. it is all my fault not having lessons from him now but maybe ı will in the future. that was the good part of my day. now ı have to wish you all a fun sunday cause ı have to turn back to my homeworks...

yumm, ı love noodle

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Syndrome

It was a terrible and depressed week for me... Lot's of bad things happened and although ı hope tomorrow will be better ı know it's not going to be better and maybe it will be the worst day of the week. ı hate sundays and tomorrow -actually today- will be one of the worst sundays cause ı haven't started any of my bullshit homework and there is lot's of them. ıt will be full of "sunday syndrome"... I have it every sunday and also every sunday ı tell myself that ı will work harder from now on and ı won't leave all my homework to sunday. so every sunday ı lie to myself and it's a big fat lie but who cares ? ıt makes me feel good ı don't have any problem with it. ı wish you all a great sunday without a sunday syndrome. see ya :)


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Name

Actually I am angry right now cause I've wrote this post before but I couldn't save it or post it because of the internet connection and I really liked it. So now I have to remember the ideas that I had and write them again.

To the one's who are curious about my blog's name, about my display name. You should know that I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I've read all the books and seen all the movies. To those of you who don't know anything I'll let you know how it is related in a minute, but to those one's who read it or watched it should've known what I meant. Harry had a snow white owl named "Hedwig" which I loved so much and I was really upset when he died... hihi funny right? But he was my inspiration. Although I am a creative person I had a really hard time finding a blog name so white owl sounded good to me. Check them out they are really beatiful animals. And also to the one's who haven't read it I recommend it to you, it's the best !


An old and also a new friend...

Guys I know I have been writing the 3rd post today but I am really happy and I wanted to share it with you! I have a friend who used to be really close to be but we grow apart. I was looking at my text messages today and I saw a really old message of her. I texted her immediately. I said that we hadn't text each other for so long and she texted me back that I was right and she really missed me. Altough, I thought she didn't liked me anymore or something. I was just being paranoid :) hihi I do that sometimes. Actually I do it for most of my friendship problems but it's not the point. We are now close as we were before. That's why I am really happy! And you know what! she is going to come to us next weekend and stay over. A little sleepover thing :) Don't lose your friends when there's no reason, when there is no need because they were always there for you. Don't lose that feeling because if you lose them you might not get them back when you need them. Hihi be happy guys :)

Now I am gonna let you know a new hobby of mine. Photography. I've got a professional camera right in front of me but unfortunately it's a really old one :( However I need to use it for a while until I get a new one. It's a really fun thing to do and I think everyone should try it. Maybe you'll like it. Go to somewhere that has great wiew and take some pic.'s. It will get better as soon as you work more on it. Try it and please share the best one's with me :) and also if you don't have one create a blog and share them with everyone who follows blogs and creates blogs. Enjoy life!

ps: ıt's not a photo that I captured. It's from a friend of mine. She is more talented than me. You've to wait to see the ones I took.

Hi bloggers!

Hey to all of you; bloggers... I got the idea of creating a blog from a friend of mine. She also has her own blog too! I really enjoy writing and that's one of those reasons I created a blog. I really want to share them with you. I'll let you know about my life and get in to it. Hope you'll like it. So enjoy the blog :)