Thursday, June 17, 2010


we're finally graduating from middle school. we're starting a new phase in our lifes; high school. ı am excited and so happy because we're all growing up starting a new life maybe... but something other than happiness and excitement has more influence on me, on all of us. SORROW. yes sorrow of knowing the truth that we're all going to be apart soon. happilly most of us will go to the same school but what about the other half... what about the ones that we care the most and that are going away, leaving us. for example two of my closest friends are leaving us, ı cried so hard today. ı couldn't stop myself... seeing all my friends on the stage hugging each other while crying because we were so sad that we will be apart, jumping as high as we can because we were happy to graduate. class of 2010 was with one word can be described as perfection or legendary. ı'll miss my friends. ı'll miss all of them. we're a big family with 152 people who are happy together. breaking apart that family should be considered illegal.

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