Sunday, July 4, 2010

1 day left for summer camp. tomorrow at 8 o'clock ı'll be at a plane which will take me to manchester. few hours of sleep isn't enough for me but ı have so many things to do ı can't sleep right now. ı have to wake up at 4:30... better if ı don't sleep at all. ı wish! but ı have to because it'll be a tough day tomorrow. thanks to god, my dear friend ceren is coming with me. ı wouldn't be going at all if ı were lonely. sunday ı went to heybeliada. such a nice place! no cars... that's why the air smells different, that's why it's more natural... people are so nice and kind and the view is amazing! ah, and before ı forget ı got a new haircut. ı was so bored with the old one. ı thought ı should just cut the most of it. and that's what ı did! no photos for now sorry ı have no time :( no posts for 3 weeks !

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