Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to do just about everything

hey everyone,
ı found a book in my library which is supposed to be a huge bookcase. it's called "how to do just about everything" and ı looked at it to see what's in it. and really it is great. it has everything from a to z. there are recipes and things about computers, gardening, even planning a teenage sleepover or teaching a teenager to drive. boy, what else do you need when you have this book ! hehe but ı think this book would help everyone a lot. ı am planning on preparing myself some pasta today from a recipe ı found in this book. ı am not able to spend my whole day in bed but ı gotta feeling that today's gonna be a really good day. so instead of spending my whole day in my bed watching movies and surfing on the net ı'll have fun in the kitchen and eat a delicious pasta. hope you have a great day! -w.o.

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