Monday, May 24, 2010

summer's on it's way

hey guys,
summer is coming to us as fast as it can. hope it comes soon. ı love summer. we're all free to do anything we want to ! not dreaming but making our dreams come true. we started to make plans about summer already. the sun shining on our skin, no need to worry about, exams, lessons or stuff. time is all ours to spend it as the way we want to. my dream is to spend my whole time with my friends. as ı said sun shining on our skin, just lying on the sand, sunbathing... ı miss summer. ı miss the big blue sky. ı miss my friends. ı miss being free. ı miss the sounds of waves. ı miss the time ı spend with my friends. ı am bored of studying or just sitting infront of my laptop. ı am bored of the tv sounds ı keep hearing. ı miss the silence. just the sun, the big blue sky and me lying on the sand with my ıpod and my book. ı wouldn't be able to understand how time passed. wish to spend a day like that. hope summer comes as fast as it can... by the way ı got a formspring account. and ı'll go to a summer camp in england with a friend of mine! xoxo

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