Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday Syndrome

It was a terrible and depressed week for me... Lot's of bad things happened and although ı hope tomorrow will be better ı know it's not going to be better and maybe it will be the worst day of the week. ı hate sundays and tomorrow -actually today- will be one of the worst sundays cause ı haven't started any of my bullshit homework and there is lot's of them. ıt will be full of "sunday syndrome"... I have it every sunday and also every sunday ı tell myself that ı will work harder from now on and ı won't leave all my homework to sunday. so every sunday ı lie to myself and it's a big fat lie but who cares ? ıt makes me feel good ı don't have any problem with it. ı wish you all a great sunday without a sunday syndrome. see ya :)


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