Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am supposed to do my homework now but instead of that ı prefer writing a new post. It's 3:30 but the only homework ı have started is maths and ı haven't even finished it yet. ı need to do my project on literature, finish my maths homework, organize my science file, go to the photo shop and take my photos, take a shower, watch my favorite show and get some sleep. the hardest one is actually organizing my file because ı don't have a file yet ! I am not kind of an organized person and ı am not planning to be one in the future. that's how ı live and it's easier for me but instead of all these stuff today ı went to my friend Eylül's house. She has a tutor which ı also took lessons from him back then. I knew he was tutoring her so ı surprised them by going and ı realised how much ı missed him. he was more than a tutor, he was the best. he was so funny that ı was laughing 'til ı cry in the lessons. it is all my fault not having lessons from him now but maybe ı will in the future. that was the good part of my day. now ı have to wish you all a fun sunday cause ı have to turn back to my homeworks...

yumm, ı love noodle

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