Friday, February 26, 2010

An old and also a new friend...

Guys I know I have been writing the 3rd post today but I am really happy and I wanted to share it with you! I have a friend who used to be really close to be but we grow apart. I was looking at my text messages today and I saw a really old message of her. I texted her immediately. I said that we hadn't text each other for so long and she texted me back that I was right and she really missed me. Altough, I thought she didn't liked me anymore or something. I was just being paranoid :) hihi I do that sometimes. Actually I do it for most of my friendship problems but it's not the point. We are now close as we were before. That's why I am really happy! And you know what! she is going to come to us next weekend and stay over. A little sleepover thing :) Don't lose your friends when there's no reason, when there is no need because they were always there for you. Don't lose that feeling because if you lose them you might not get them back when you need them. Hihi be happy guys :)

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